Scott Munson

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    Scott's Black Booklet
    Kentucky State Penitentiary
    "Never shuts up, miss him."

    "Loud-mouth with ambition."

    "Cheerful in the face of monsters."

    "Southern-fried con-artist."

    "Don't think he ate much."

    "Luckier than most of us."

    Valley Station
    Old Man
    "I've heard stories, I don't want to kill you."

    Yen-Khae Lange

    "Shitty driver."

    Ryan Parker

    "Drinking buddy."
    "I tried."

    Mr. M
    "Never take the mask off again."

    Clint Buchanan
    "Child-slave supporter, allegedly."
    "It was you or him."

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    Shawn James, an absolute legend.
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    Updated with pre-existing relations, plus one new one, I've also left a hot-link to Scott's associated forum story.
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    Keep up the great roleplay, you're fantastic!
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    Minor bump.