Simon Hale

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    Simon Hale
    Biographical Information
    Hair ColourSalt and Pepper
    Eye ColourHazel
    Height6ft 2in
    More Information
    Birth PlacePortsmouth, Ohio
    OccupationHigh School History/Government Teacher
    First AppearanceTBA
    Last AppearanceN/A
    Death EpisodeN/A

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 183 lbs
    Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Body Type: Meso-Ectomorph

    Simon stands in at 6'2 and weighs around 183 lbs. He is a rather muscular looking man, definitely fitting on the more lean side of things. Normally, Simon sports combat boots with a dark pair of worn boot-cuts as well as any T-shirt he chooses to wear that day. He also wears a lighter jacket over everything most the time to protect himself from his metalworking.

    His talent for the expressive arts is so abundant that Simon may well have felt drawn to becoming an artist while still very young. Simon's artistic abilities can only be developed, however, through discipline and commitment to the true development of his talent. Commitment, concentration and hard work are the only means of bringing forth his talent.

    Thanks to his gift for self expression, Simon can be the life of the party, and the center of attention. However, he could easily squander his talent by becoming a social butterfly. Simon's creativity is the gift that can give him the comfort and luxury he desires, but not without continual focus and discipline. He is also optimistic and possesses the resilience to overcome many setbacks in his life. He is socially active, popular, and inspires people with his sunny "happy go lucky" attitude. Simon can be very generous to a fault.

    With the current state of his group or lack there of, Simon has became a tad less social with most everyone. However, he has began working to attempt contact through a newer approach in his settlement. Time for a change.

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