WANTED!!! Sleep and Nutrition? The Fat Road Ahead...

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    So, I been playing a while and I have noticed that the sleep and nutrition mechanics have been stripped from the server, now I can tell for a few reasons why they might of been removed, and I am making this thread just to get some ideas or thoughts about it, so feel free to critique or pitch ideas, or just shoot me down. I really don't mind.

    So, what about sleep. Currently sleep is entirely disabled, no one ever gets tired, sleeping and caffeine pills are entirely redundant and unneeded. (Sorry if grammar is bad, but I urge you to read it all just so you understand everything.)

    What if Sleep were enabled? What benefits could come from it?

    If sleep were enabled, people would have to take time to sleep, sure no one enjoys staring at a black screen with a timer. What RP could it possibly bring? Sleeping is a thing people need to do to survive, it would stop people from constantly fighting and running everywhere, at least lone survivors like myself. It would make people look for shelter when night comes around other then just laying down a sleeping bag in the woods and resting til they can run again. It would encourage people to at least find a partner or friend, then they could take turns to take watch, it would allow people that realistic down time we all enjoy and need in the real world. People could be exhausted from spending a few days on the run needing a place to stay for a night they could ask group'd survivors such, I don't know about anyone else, but I let my moodle's effect what I RP, I feel mechanical effects should affect my characters mood and actions. We all do it I'm sure, if we've ran miles and are the critical red lungs, we RP out of breath and panting, if we are bitten and in pain we RP as such, why not tiredness, fatigue of the mind and of the body. I feel it could add a variable of scenario's and give RP opportunities. There are plenty of other ideas that could come from it too. Just think about it.


    -Staring at a black screen, relying on hearing for a while since sight is non existent whilst resting.

    How to compromise? Read the forums, listen to music quietly in the background and occasionally check. Find caffeine pills are just all out refuse to sleep until you find a safe place to hunker down and are safe. No one enjoys staring at a black screen, no one. But for this small sacrifice there could be a lot of benefits. Now, what about fast forwarding if all players are asleep, I say keep this removed since it would mess up our timeline and it could only take one person to be asleep to do such when the server is on quiet hours. (My hours.)

    What about nutrition? What could THAT possibly bring to the table except an annoying micro managing thing that gets me fat and makes me self conscious.

    Pro's? People who pick the underweight traits could recover over time and RP getting stronger and fitter as time goes on, same for regular weight players. More mass = More power.

    How to manage weight: Currently weight is a touchy subject, it adds realism. (Which I love) Although beit, PZ styled meaning it happens relatively paced. To combat weight you need to eat healthy foods and spend calories, in the apocalypse we all run around binging chocolate's and fast foods to give us that sweet heal and strength boost, sure thats all good and dandy but if you do that ALL the time you are going to have excess calories and build mass over time, that and have an awful diet. So, what about dieting, to lose weight as mentioned you need to eat low calorie foods and exercise, low calory foods like some Canned goods and Greens! YUCK! We all hate greens, except those that do >-> But anyway this would encourage people to trade with farmer styled players as time progresses. It would encourage Bandits to target Farmer's, bountiful food and little defense! What a great opportunity for food. So, what could the Farmer's do? Farmer's could ask Groups for protection, for trade, in return for food and waste products from farming, the Farmer's get protection from bandit groups that would seek to take said food, It's a long game idea. But it could be what keeps things interesting in the long run, protect the hand that feeds people! As for bad guys it could encourage like minded bad guys to band together to take on bigger groups that farm, because farming is how people would survive when every can is looted and eaten, it is the way to survive the long term. It makes it vital.

    Now, getting starved and losing weight, what could that bring apart from terrible posture and abs. It could bring RP, people who are starving look for food, if their is farmer's making food, they have two options. Join the Farmer's and work to survive. Or join the Bandits and take the food that they grow.

    I just feel like it's a core mechanic to PZ that makes you think of the long term a little more then just Strength and Fitness which we never ever check since it takes so god damn long, it shows you some progress on your survival, it lets you know if you should get out more and get tired, putting yourself at risk so bring some friends along, meet people. Right now people can stay sedentary, they can stick in their roots and survive off of scavenging and eating Bark and weeds. They can drink straight from ponds and rivers with no consequence, it ties into Sleep as well, if people spend all the time sitting and talking and sleeping, they gain weight, encouraging them to go out, RP and explore thus loosing weight. It is a give/take relationship. Now I don't know if Nutrition is disabled right now or just really slowed, since I see the arrows going up and down a lot, but I never see it tick once above or below my current weight.

    Any idea's and thoughts on this too are welcome, that's all I had to say I think but I am all ears so don't hold back people. If this is an entire no go and something the Admins don't want to include or bring in at all then that is okay too. In my opinion it just gives us something else to worry about other then scooter speed crawling zombies and finding a bunch of berries and grass to survive the apocalypse on. Thanks for reading none the less I just want it to at least be thought about a little bit.

    p.s your fat haha.

    pp.s I had to add a prefix or I couldn't post, that was the only one so I hope that doesn't matter much~
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    don't really have a strong stance on nutrition, but i would hate if sleep was enabled. during times where i'm strapped on free time, i don't want to come online just to go to sleep and tab out of the game--the game is grindy and time consuming enough. pls keep it disabled
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    Personally, I'm of the mind of no to all of this. I like realism and I encourage people to roleplay stuff, but this is where roleplay becomes unfun. Nobody wants to roleplay using the restroom when they have to go, and nobody wants to RP being asleep for a number of IG hours (which can be up to an hour IRL) for it to become morning or whatever else. I understand it'd bring chances for night time robberies and whatnot, but I can't see an actual benefit to us, I could see it driving a lot of players away, frankly.

    Nutrition I'm 50-50 on. I think it's a bad idea for a whole host of reasons - one of which being hoarders. People just take everything and nobody really roleplays making balanced meals, anyway. I don't think it'd cause any more RP than it already does mechanically. It'd just be another thing for people to grind in their spare time so they don't die, which I'm just meh on. If people want to RP starving to death or being anorexic, they can, if not - I don't care.
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    I'd say nutrition would inspire people to attempt to cooperate due to their food stashes potentially not being enough --- or more so, might get those characters put on ice by those desperate to not eat chips for the 30th time that week.

    Sleep is a huge hell no, though. I always imagine sleep happens when you log off.
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