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    *As the spooky skeleton video finishes playing for the 10th time in a row, the channel goes black for a moment before a flash screen is seen on the screen saying "news"*


    *A man appears sitting in a chair of a studio. He looks to be in his 50's and had grey hair*

    Hello and Thanks for viewing a special local news report. So, we have had a lot happening lately...

    With the influx of new people to our town, crime is on a rise it seems. Are the police doing enough to keep our citizens safe? It seems that for some reason people are blaming the Mayor for the rise in crime despite the Mayor not actually having a direct hand in handling crime. During his speech in front of the police station, reports of people being unsatisfied with the mayors answers were in the crowd. It seems that people believe the mayor alone is capable of stopping kidnappings, suicides and drive by shootings. Isn't that the police's job?

    Our sources indicate that the chief is taking a very hands on approach to the entire situation. Despite this, there seems to be a lack of patrols around the town. This makes me question some things. When we add this with the fact that a source inside the police station has told us that a person was arrested who had information regarding an open investigation for refusal to tell the police. When questioned after release, the individual was not very forthcoming and refused to talk. However, it has spread that apparently the individual was refusing to give possible information regarding a case due to a crazy belief that it had something to do with another officer at the station.... or is that idea so crazy?

    When you look at the situation as a whole, it would seem to me that all this is spawning from nothing more than the fact that the world is a changing place. The nice weather is here and so is tourism. This will of course bring more crime into a town such as this.

    On another note, the time for fairs has come at last. With the weather warming up, its time for the community to have something fun to do. We should all be safe there because after all, the police have done such a good job so far.... right?

    *the screen goes black before a different video comes on the air.*

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    In time, future "news reports" will be posted as actual videos...... maybe.
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