Legion Starting points (mod suggestion)

Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by Bill Chompski, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Fuckin' starting points, how do they work?

    First off, I'm just gonna say, good friend Stillbrew here basically sums up my post.
    You all know what I'm talking about. You want your character to be, say, fit! Why? He's a football player. He keeps himself in shape. It makes sense! Oh, you don't have enough points. Well, let's see, do you want him to be afraid of the outdoors and a slow healer, or someone who gets very thirsty and is afraid of blood?
    Choices choices, both of which make little sense for said character. But you gotta pick one anyway.
    Ain't that a load of garbo?
    Well, yeah, it is.
    I don't even need to mention trying to think up of IC reasons as to why you took these traits. Cause that's always a pain of the highest degree.
    And sure, the devs put it there so people couldn't make god-tier characters and all that, and it's good for RP servers like this, so people don't make characters that are just mechanically stupid. Makes sense.

    Well, you may be thinking, "Bill you stupid shithead, we don't need another idiot complaining about bullshit no one can fix.", and to that, I say, "No, shut the hell up and listen, I actually have a solution to my mindless bitching for once."
    And that solution is this!
    This wonderful little mod!
    I've seen it in use once with a multiplayer server.
    And sure, while it could be used to metagame and shit, crack down on that. Have people only take what applies and stuff or something like that. Or not. Whatever.
    But with this, gone will be the days of making your character a cripple in everything except one area! Mechanically realistic builds, for all!
    If like, you want. I think it'd be cool.

    Also why does this need a prefix?
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    Gotta admit, I'm interested in looking into this. It could really help out with this issue.
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