The Door to Hell

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    (NOTICE: This is a rough draft of the full lore announcement. This is to give people a better idea of what to expect from this lore in order to start thinking about their characters now)


    I’ll be going over the basics of the upcoming lore “La Puerta del Infierno”, or “The Door To Hell” lore throughout this thread. We’ll be starting out with the basics of where our story will be taking place, the year, and et-cetra.

    The Door To Hell will be taking place in the fictional sleepy town of Ashwood Cove, Maine which is based somewhere between Bar Harbor and Castine. Ashwood Cove which is situated near a fictional city known as Greenview. The setting will take place in 1996.

    Ashwood Cove is well-known for it’s rich history involving the occult, but more-so it’s attraction for tourism, community orientated festivals and events, and boardwalk right on the coastline. However, appearances are deceiving, underneath of the happy-go-lucky tightly knit community lays a darkness buried in the past of the town.

    The cult, La Puerta del Infierno surfaced in 1883 worshipping the ways of the old gods, believing them to be their saviors, that they would whisk them away from the horrors of the world, if given the incentive to do so, as a result, the cult started to practice in ritual human sacrifice to appease their gods.

    The cults practices spread through mainy of the richer families of Ashwood Cove, corrupting the town’s government, leading to disappearances to initially be chalked up to nothing but people vanishing, moving to sail clearer seas. For a time, the town lived quietly.

    The gruesome practices eventually caused the downfall of the cult, as whispers in the dark involving the cult spread into the town of Ashwood Cove, a handful locals took justice into their own hands, marching into the woods to search for the missing people. For weeks, nothing came of it until it did. One of the three ritual sites were discovered near an old mine, remains of children, animals and humans alike strewn around.

    The locals returned their findings to the town, and the citizens went into a fit of civil unrest due to the lack of action taken by the local government. The corruption eventually slipped out and the doors of the wealthy were cut down. The locals decided to take justice into their own hands, killing the families associated with the cults. A handful of survivors from the family were recorded, mostly consisting of children and women

    In present day? The cult has long since been buried by festivals and happy faces, but underneath that surface, a clear divide within the town as the parts of the families still remain, long past the idea of politics, and instead owning many of the businesses within the town.

    For the past two months, strings of disappearances have occurred throughout Maine, primarily targeting the homeless, and occasionally? Children. Police claim to be investigating it, but have yet to receive any breaks within the case.
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