The Wolf

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    Muttering to himself for the thousandth time as he lay in wait not far away from the gas station. Nobody had visited the old station with in the last 24 hours, or so it seemed. Unhappy with whoever controlled the point The Wolf set his plan into action. Trailing gasoline off to a set of old building around a hundred feet away. Letting the liquid sink into the snow he'd take a short moment to scrawl out a warning to people who visited the scene.

    -Protect your resources. Or lose them.-

    >The Wolf<

    The writing was poor but it would have to do it's job. Crumpling it he'd toss it aside into the snow, reaching for a a flare from his inner coat. Igniting the cap he'd light it letting it fall out of his hand and into the pool of gasoline below him. It burst into flames blazing down the trail that had been set forth several minutes before. Reaching its target it went down into the pool of somewhat degraded gasoline. At that moment everything was covered in a blindingly bright light, followed closely with a deafening roar of the explosion. The ground beneath the pumps cracked upward slightly as each pump started to jet their blazing song. Screaming and hissing as the fire burned brighter, devouring the ill manned station.

    Content with his work he'd jog off with his newfound friend into the woods. Leaving his warning clear as day.

    Question is will people heed the warning?
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