Theo Garcia

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Theo Garcia
    Biographical Information
    D.O.B.February 12, 1987
    BirthplaceRiverside, California
    Weight173 lbs.

    Symmetrical Latino features read on this young millennial's face, a small measure of stubble garnishing his upper lip and faint freckles speckled along his nose. Dark, early 2000's boyband hair is brushed off to the side, threatening to reach down to his eyes. He’s certainly a sight for sore eyes, though his wandering gaze suggests he’s deeply preoccupied in a world of his own--one he's stubbornly hesitant to let others into.

    There’s a cream-colored sweater on his torso, tucked into faded jeans. He’s sporting brown chelsea boots matched with a beaten brown belt at his waist. A large canvas sports bag is hefted over his shoulders, the handle of a baseball bat peeking out the slightest bit.

    He struggles to make eye contact, but there's often a small smile on his face. What originally comes across as being timid can quickly reveal itself to be a sort of nonchalant confidence, though social interactions with him can prove awkward and tiring.

    Theo moved to a cheap apartment in Lexington, Kentucky on an ill-advised journey to self-discovery in 2007, an easily recognized local in the sprawling city. Few have been able to glean details of his past--not that they're particularly interesting. He spent his time jumping between several low-income jobs; a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none, work ranging from freelance uncertified fitness instructor, to stand-up comic, to busking musician, to fry cook. He had brief friendships and romantic relationships, but nothing held his interest long enough to fend off his chronic ennui. He was content sampling what the world had to offer one piece at a time--its people, its places, and its things.




    ⍝ Abram ⍝
    I haven't had someone watch my back like this in a long while. Perhaps it isn't smart of me to trust him so early. It doesn't matter. I do. I don't know how much longer our paths will align, but I feel safer with him on my side.

    ⍑ Lincoln ⍑
    Sharp and supportive, but knows the true value of personal freedoms. The silence we held on the road was enough for me to know that he has his priorities straight. I hope that what we had to do doesn't haunt him.

    ⌹ Arthur Hillock ⌹ Tough, and messy. We've all had our moments like his--I'm sure he'll find someone to help him overcome his personal demons.

    ⌻ Wesley ⌻ I expected this one to be dead weight, but he holds his own better than you'd think. Sharp and streetsmart. I hope he can work past whatever it is that's been troubling him.

    ✽ Chelsea ✽ An odd child... but a kind one, for now. I shouldn't even have to mention that she'll likely come out of this crisis disturbed and cold-blooded--even if the safety of the mall persists, watching wasting bodies bang away at shuttered windows like caged animals can't be something you get used to. A growing mind is too fragile for a world like this.

    Thanks for the food.

    Ivy I wanted to help this one and the girl they were with find safety--an idea that they didn't seem fond of. Their group made it too difficult to actually organize and find them safe shelter, so I had to cut myself loose. I suppose that worked out for her in the end, seeing as the mall is growing into something more and more fortifiable with each passing day.

    Devlin I appreciate the effort everyone is putting in to keep her safe--it seems she can't entirely control the way she acts. But she's just so violent, volatile. I wonder how people stand her company.

    ♟ The Dead ♟ Poor things. They don't even know what they're doing. I wish there was some sort of way to reverse this, but no. They're far gone.


    The Mall It's likely a consequence of barely talking to them, but some of the residents feel more like life lessons than people. That said, there's something to learn here.
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