Theodore Ross

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Theodore Ross
    Biographical Information
    Portrayed byUnknown
    Current StatusAlive
    OccupationBionics Lab Assistant
    First AppearenceN/A
    Last AppearenceN/A
    Death EpisodeN/A
    Cause of DeathN/A
    Physical Information
    Age24 (29th of June 1993)
    Hair ColourDark Brown
    Eye ColourGreen
    Education Background
    DegreeMaster's Degree

    Theodore is main character and a survivor in AGN's lore 'Long Road Ahead'

    Theodore was a Bionics Lab Assistant, who assisted in the research of bionics in Washington. He was visiting his father in Twinsburg, before being trapped in the quarantine.

    A young face with a fairly shaped head, Theodore appears to be in constant uncertainty. His hair is brown, a somehow tidy mess of hair which stays off his face again, somehow, rather neatly. His eyes are green, staring out with tired eye-lids. His face is almost completely clean-shaven, with a light stubble on his chin.

    He's often seen wearing a blue button-up shirt, jeans and sometimes a beige leather jacket.

    He's currently residing in the country club...


    Born on the 29th of June, 1993, to Oscar and Helen Ross, Theodore grew up in Twinsburg, Illinois... (TBC)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Oscar Ross (Dead) - "I'm coming back for ya, Dad. I'm so sorry I ran. I'll be back. I swear..."

    Sunday Blackwood (Alive) - "You're sweet, sensitive, understanding and calming. It's a joy to be around you. Lovely too! I adore you... :heart:"

    Rodney King (Alive) - "Thanks for saving me, again - I don't think I'd have made it much farther without the Country Club."

    Locke Hawthorne (
    Alive) - "Seem pretty genuine and kind-hearted to me - Keep making people happy, it's what you're good at."

    ??? (Alive) - "I don't even know your name, but your scars seem seriously traumatic. I respect you - you're staying strong despite all this crap."

    Natalia Porter (Alive) - "You seem nice... I should try to get to know you better. Apologies for that awkwardness."

    ??? (
    Alive) - "Raising a kid in these times? Good god - I don't envy you. You seem headstrong, though, no matter how tired you look."

    John Tailor (
    Alive) - "I essentially invited you to share a room with me, and you seem capable. Respect. Thanks again for those supplies."

    Arthur Monroe (
    Alive) - "Every man has a duty, and if you believe yours is elsewhere? I respect that. Follow whatever you think is right."

    Lance Mathew (Alive) - "You nearly hit me with a bat.. and you seem.. really bitter... That freaks me out.."

    Doctor 'Dekker' (Alive) - "You're sick.. stay away from me. I've never met you, but I don't want to ever meet you. Ever. EVER."
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    can he make marlow a bionic leg?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What he's capable of is for you to find out - no meta here.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i mean it was a joke but ok
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    some people take this too seriously.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Oi oi xD Even if it was a joke, It still was a question, I just answered it.
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    Minor updates.
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    Minor Additions. (Opening Biography, Slight edits to Relations)
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    Even more Updates for some unknown reason (Minor Relations, Photo change, Added to additional photos, etc.)
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    Relations Updates