Theodore Wellesley

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    Theodore Wellesley
    Biographical Information
    D.O.B.April 19, 1996
    BirthplaceYorkshire, England
    Weight150 lbs.
    Hair ColorBrown
    Eye ColorBrown
    OccupationFormer Student
    Story Information
    First AppearanceSeason 2 Episode 5
    Series Lifespan"Toss of a Coin" to Present

    Theo stands at a height of 5'7'' and weighs around 150 pounds. He has short brown hair that just barely reaches his ears. It's typically ruffled and unkempt. His eyes are brown with dark shadows underneath from a sleep schedule that has long since gone unchecked. His attire tends to be baggy and comfortable. He's almost never seen without a jacket.
    Theo is fairly closed off at first. Having been alone for so long, he tends to put himself before others and is fairly on edge. Though, he's definitely a kind person. He's been through a lot, just like everyone else. He takes solace in doing the things he loves to distract himself from the world crumbling around him.
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