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    The North Watch Corporation, which owns and constructs the mall in the town of Astoria, would recive a letter of notice from the ASC, which is later released publically to all whom bother to look into it.

    North Watch

    On behalf of the, Astoria Shipping Company, who owns and runs the docks of Astoria Shipping Company Operations, I have been asked to perform an inquiry into all materials and products being imported to the town of Astoria by your company. Understand that this is in compliance with the record keeping and security that is required to be in compliance with port authority.

    Upon investigation into the ASC records, I have found no complete recordings, requests, or, most importantly, shipping manifests that would verify the amount of materials obviously needed for the construction of your Mall property.

    This discrepancy is, frankly, quite worrying, as the ASC absolutely requires that all legal documentation be completed /prior/ to a ships arrival, and suggests that quantities of materials have moved through the ASC without clearance, and likely without their approval

    Nonetheless, it is not unheard of for smaller shipping ports to be overwhelmed by the degree of construction and material your company is moving through the local ports, and this case is in no doubt one of such. In this case, ASC has contracted me to assist in catching up with any and all documentation.

    Within the week, I request that your offices begin to either fax, or deliver the paperwork to the ASC administrative office that pertains to any and all materials that have been shipped into Astoria. We will also require further checks on all further incoming materials by your corporation until the duration of this review is complete.

    Please be aware, that the ASC is merely attempting to comply with both policy, and federal law. We understand that this process may be an inconvenience, but look forward to your continued activity in Astoria. However, failure to follow up on this notice may result in consequences in compliance with federal law, as this is considered notice.

    Be aware, that we are making our inquiry publicly known, to be better transparant with the public at large, but all private documentations will remain that- Private, unless it demonstrates a clear and precise illegal infraction.

    You may contact me personally by letter or appointment to help arrange this proceeding.

    C.A. Palluson
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    Great to see players engaging in the lore and trying to help make story!

    I'm excited to see how this goes.