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    I'll start by saying this, I am the older brother of one of these missing children. I cannot leave my name here, because I now have a family of my own. I have to worry about their safety and I don't want to be harassed by people thinking I know more than what I'm about to tell you here. I am happy, I am financially successful and I have no reason to falsify these claims, with that being said, I hope people leave this post today in search of some answers and the desire to inform others of this case that hasn't received as much media attention as it should.

    When I was a child, my family were victims of the unemployment crisis and we'd lost our home. We were primarily left on our own with no family members willing to help us out. It was a very harsh period of time for us and we went from homeless shelter to homeless shelter on the regular while our father tried to find employment. I still remember the night that my younger brother went missing, I still remember it vividly and it haunts me every single night, I loved him, we were as close as two brothers should be and I still blame myself for doing nothing. It was a few weeks before Christmas and we were advised to move to a homeless shelter for warmth, our mother and father were wary of it--if you've ever been homeless, you know how these places are and how dangerous they can be if you have personal belongings. We eventually had to give in due to how cold it was going to get. We settled into the shelter and stuck as close to one another as we could with minimal personal effects. It was not easy sleeping, to begin with, that night, mind you.

    It was about 2:00 AM when I was woken up by two men getting into an argument near the storage lockers over an apparent pick-pocket attempt, or something. I realized my brother was nowhere to be found, I didn't bother with waking up my parents because I figured he went to the restroom in the building. I decided to be the independent, cool brother, who'd go and look for him, scold him, and bring him back much to the delight of our mom and dad. I headed off to the restroom and spotted him near an exit, which he'd opened and was speaking with someone on the other side. I was puzzled by this, my brother was a shy kid and our parents had drilled the whole ''do not talk to strangers'' rule into our head for the longest period of time. I made my way after him, but he stepped out into the alleyway with the man. I still don't know why I don't know why he did something that stupid but he did. By the time I made my way to the door, he was gone but I caught a glimpse of the man. He was wearing a suit, one of those types you'd associate with the classic Man in Black from those alien theories, he was lanky, pale, had a slick bald head and beard. I told my parents and we searched for him for weeks, we tried to go to the police--but, as you also know if you've ever been homeless. People like us go missing all the time without even so much as having a glimpse of media coverage on TV. We're practically invisible. We never found my brother, no matter how many places we went to for help, no matter how hard we searched. He was gone, and I had to deal with it for the rest of my life. I still want to know
    why. I know the obvious answers, I don't need to say them here because they wander around in my head every day.

    Fast forward, I'm thirty-six now and I have a respectable income, family of my own and kids. It wasn't until last month that I discovered this rabbit hole of disappearances, not just exclusive to the United States, but across the globe. All of these cases share a similar case between one another, the very same man, an identical description from the outfit, to appearances and similar MOs for where he strikes, usually homeless shelters, below-poverty-line areas or projects. There are also a number of cases in Europe and smaller countries, but these are far and few in between. There've been a number of drawings of this man but no identity ever to be placed. I've done as much research as I can to find if this has ever reached the news, and for the most part, no. Any coverage has been little to none at best, none of this ever seems to pick up mainstream media. These kids become practically invisible, nobody dares to look for them and if they do, nothing is ever found.

    It's such a bizarre case, I'm not certain how such a similar man can be in all of these places at once, or why they (or him) are abducting these children. The level of effort behind this degree of organization is something I have never seen in all my life. Every day, it seems like a new case pops up and joins these relatively unknown disappearances. I and a small community have dedicated ourselves to watch for an emerging pattern between the disappearances mostly to no avail. There isn't any rhyme, or rhythm to it and there have been cases from Asia all the way to Europe.

    All I want from this community is to get more involved in this case. I'm sure if you browse through the public records of your hometown, or take some time to study some of the disappearances you will find a similar case to this. I ask you to get involved, try to find answers behind this because the media has largely refused to even acknowledge the existence of these kids. Nobody else is trying to help them, and if they were, they aren't anymore.

    We need to find answers and the truth.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'll try to update this thread with more information as it comes to me. If it ever does.

    Here is the sketch.

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    Posted By: GeorgeTheChimp(-2)
    Date Posted: December 3rd, 2006
    Huh, I kinda wanna look into this now tbh.

    Posted By: AlexJames (0)
    Date Posted: December 3rd, 2006
    sketch looks like my dad lol, i guess thats where he really went when he left to get cigarettes.

    Posted By: AndrewNoah (-600)
    Date Posted: December 3rd, 2006
    I once woke up in a bathtub with one arm. This guy kinda looks like the dude I was last with... Lol.

    Posted By: FilmerFierro (+3)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006

    Posted By: JJ (+5)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006

    Posted By: GlobalAnarchy(+1)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006
    Ok, so no shit. I found a few cases in my area, I live in Birmingham.

    Posted By: El Cid (+1)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006
    Can you use a larger font next time. My eyes aren't good enough to read this.

    Posted By: M4RVINAT0R (+4)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006

    Posted By: CandyApple (+1)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006
    Omg. I actually have some cold cases in my area like this too. This is freaky!

    Posted By: AmongtheCold (0)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006

    Posted By: SkeetMan (+1)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006
    Mate, I have some in my area too. This is fucking bonkers, I live in Manchester.

    Posted By: TruthSeeker (OWNER) (+1)
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2006
    This is a bizarre case, indeed. We're going to pin this to the Conspiracies, The Real Truth, and Disappearances thread so we can get more traffic here. I'd like to see if we can get any more people in with stories of their owns to deepen the pot. The more traffic here the better with how sensitive this case actually is. I endorse this post.
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