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    -NAME : Violet Valentine
    -AGE : 16 - ( 01 / 15 / 1999 )
    -OCCUPATION : Former Student
    -ALLIANCE : Valley Station Mall
    -ALIGNMENT : True Neutral
    -Nick Valentine - FATHER     (Deceased)
    -Max Valentine - BROTHER     (Deceased)
    -STATUS : Alive


    Violet Valentine is a sixteen year old newcomer to the Valley Station mall. Just escaping the destruction of what remained of her family, the young girl plans to keep those she comes to care about close to her.

    Lexington, Virginia;

    On January 15th, 1999, Violet was born in Richmond Virginia to her newly single, seventeen year old mother. Not in the right place to be caring for a child, Violet’s mother gave her up for adoption, where she was re-homed to Nick Valentine, and his one year old son Max who both currently resigned in Lexington Virginia. Growing up, life was stable. Yet Nick’s long hours at work caused Violet and her brother to be quite dependent on each other, forming a close bond. The girl was able to maintain good grades, alongside a decent social life during her early teen years, but once Violet turned fifteen, her brother Max was diagnosed with epilepsy. This forced the pairs father to work even harder, longer hours in effort to keep up with the incoming medical bills. Violet now taking on even more responsibilities, struggled to uphold her relationships and GPA. Although maturing into an independent and responsible girl, Violet could not be prepared for what was to come next.

    Once the initial outbreak became news, Violet’s father decided the best course of action would be to head to Virginia’s coast. Many others speculated this to be a good idea as well, as the interstate highway became congested, the flow of traffic halting completely. The trio remained there for what felt like hours, before cries of despair were heard from a family’s vehicle beside them. Nick’s fatherly instincts kicked in, causing the man to rush over to the crying toddler and sickly mother. Attempting any form of first aid on the woman was in vain, as it didn’t take long for her to turn into something that could be described as anything but human. The pair, wanting to risk anything to save their father, stopped themselves as they came to notice possibly hundreds of undead now roaming the interstate. Completely unaware of what these beings were capable of, the duo made the decision to hide out in the trunk of the family’s SUV.

    For what felt like days, but more realistically was probably 10-12 hours, the two siblings camped out in complete silence, the only audible noise being the moans and groans of the undead around them. Just when Violet and Max were beginning to lose hope, a ring of gunshots echoed through the sky. An eerie silence filled the air, only a ringing occupying the pairs ears. Desperate for any form of help, Violet crawled into the front seat of the car. Now aware of the military personnel that had came to clear the area, Violet would do anything to save her brother. She stepped out of the car, screaming and shouting for anyone to help them. The guards gave anything but a warm welcome though, as they were roughly shoved into the back of a truck, not even allowed to bring any personal items along.

    Max and Violet, along with twelve to fifteen people stayed at a camp located in a forest just on the border between Virginia and Kentucky for approximately a month. Military keeping guard with heavy weapons, and handing out rations to the many survivors. All was hopeful for this period, until the stress, sleep deprivation, and lack of medication finally caught up to Violet’s epileptic brother. As Max’s muscles stiffened, and began to convulsively twitch shortly after, Violet knew exactly what was happening. Attempting to flip the one hundred and eighty pound boy was no easy task for the young girl, and the scene appeared more violent than anything else. The military personnel at the camp saw what was happening, becoming convinced that the boy was turning. Violet, kneeling on the cold dirt beside her brother pleaded and begged for his life, even pulling some of the guards onto her side, but it was to no avail, Max Valentine was shot point-blank in the head with an assault rifle, covering his younger sister in his blood. The echo of gunshots were heard everywhere as the camp fell into a state of chaos. Guards shooting guards, undead circling in, but everything was a blur to Violet as she knelt beside her brother, tears streaming down her face. Though before harm found the young girl, a stranger’s hand pulled her back into a hollowed out tree trunk.

    The unknown hand being a girl named Josie, the pair hid in the cramped confinement until the sounds of gunshots and groaning faded away. Exiting their hiding spot, the gruesome scene now lied before them. Bodies of guards, survivors and undead littered the grounds, and at the sight of Max’s completely devoured corpse, Violet couldn’t help her impending wailing. Now attracting the scattered undead around the camp, the girls fled through the dense forest, Violet keeping a grasp on Josie’s sleeve. After a desperate attempt for escape, the winded girls emerged onto an abandoned road, finding themselves surrounded by the groaning creatures. Just when Violet had come to terms with their impending fate, an unknown man driving down the road stops, allowing the pair to escape safely. Later identified as Don, he brings them to a mall in Valley Station, Kentucky.


    Nick Valentine - Loves; Father (Deceased)
    "I-I'm so sorry I didn't protect Max. I miss you Dad. I can't do this alone."

    Max Valentine - Loves; Brother (Deceased)
    "I hard. There must have been something I could've done. It was my job to protect you, and I failed. Max I'm so sorry."

    Josie - Loves; (Missing)
    "I can't believe you left me...please come back to to the mall. "

    Don Jones - Likes
    "I hope you put this gun to good use, thanks for taking care of us. And by us I mean like- the whole mall."

    Thomas Parish - Likes
    "I'm sorry I couldn't bring her back."

    Bert - Likes
    "You are just too precious."

    Abigail Baker - Likes
    "Thanks for letting me tag along, it feels like I haven't been outside in like-forever."

    Victoria Dahlia - Likes/Indifferent
    "Thanks for telling me where the bookstore is, makes this hell slightly more bearable."

    Heaven Adkins - Likes/Indifferent
    "Thanks for uh- the food, and letting me tag along back to the mall, not sure what I'm gonna do without Josie."

    Erin Voy - Indifferent; (Deceased)
    "Did you that? I trusted you. It just seems so- I don't even know anymore."

    Noah Young - Indifferent
    "You're uh-not bad. I still think you're a dumbass though."

    Miles Krueger - Indifferent
    "You let all these people stay here- and they don't even appreciate it."

    Arthur Hillock - Indifferent/Dislikes
    "How many people are just gonna fucking... walk in before we do something?"

    Carl Miller - Dislikes
    "I know you took the food...just don't come back."

    Jeffrey Hernandez - Despises
    "J-just stay away from us."

    Dozer - ???
    "What the...fuck?"
    • Violet's favourite subject in high school was biology.
    • Violet's favourite band is Death Cab for Cutie.
    • Violet has a small stick and poke tattoo of 2 birds on her ankle. She's had it since she was 14.
    • Violet will never be seen with her hair tied up, she hates the way it looks on her.
    • Violet is very easily panicked, and doesn't do well under stressful situations.

    • Growing up, Violet and her brother took a neighborhood stray cat under their wing, naming it Spot. One day it left and never came back.
    • Violet has braces.

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