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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Height: 5'6
    Weight: Around 130
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Long, jet black
    Eyes: Green
    Origin: St Louis, Missouri

    You are mine pig, and I will stop at nothing to find you. If you thought Val was scary then you havnt seen anything yet.

    I will not look back.

    Dresses clad in all leather and wears a black motorcycle helmet at all times. Underneath, she has a smaller frame with light muscle tone and fair skin, self inflicted scars lining along her arms and thighs.

    Current Mental Status
    Enduring post psychotic episode depression

    Relationship Key

    Abraham Washington- A bull headed old man that can take a lot of punishment, but through it all you never gave up, so you have my respect. Ive opened up to you more then anyone before, and I'm not sure why. Even though the memories are horrible and hard to talk about, I guess its good to share the pain with someone.

    Patrick- Its... nice... to see someone so innocent and care free left in the world. Reminds me of someone...

    Christopher White- Strong and determined, was going to rely on you to help break out if things looked bleak. Don't know enough about you though or what youre capable of.

    Blake- I cant tell if you will be useful to me or not, I guess the future will see.

    Liliana Marat- Oh so willing to give in to the people who captured you and tortured you, to make your people pay twice for crimes they didn't commit. You are a coward.

    Zoey Zackara- So young, but extremely stupid. Your tongue was removed because you couldn't keep your mouth shut, but regardless, the pig will pay for what hes done.

    Tate Finch- A bit surprised you turned out to be a girl, but I'm sorry for what you endured. The pig will pay for what hes done.

    Erin Fontaine- Broken, a shadow of your former self. From what Ive heard you caused all of this, perhaps its time to step down from leadership.

    The Others from Hope- Just because you are no longer my captors, doesn't mean I will tolerate you. Fuck with me again and you will pay.

    Valentina Flynt- The only regret I have is not being able to grind your skull into the cement with the others.

    The Pig- I will find you Gordo and drag you back to the others for their revenge, but you and I are going to have some fun first. Ohh how you will suffer.

    Eden- After the last experience I would normally mark your group on the list to avoid. But you have good people there, and with your leader in a bad mental state the future is uncertain.

    Hope- I do not give a single fuck about anyone or anything here. I will stay for as long as I have to and then I am leaving.


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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Vague I know, but as more is revealed about my character it all will be posted here.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Seems interesting.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    A little more added, information found out by fellow prisoners at Hope. Relationships and scar chart will be added shortly.
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  5. Anonymous

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    Relationships and Factions updated