What Have We Done?

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    Flipped over on the side of the road with its contents spilled out on the street was an old beat up black pickup. Broken bear traps, shattered mason jars, and dozens of books littered the immediate area.

    Lifting his head he'd groan as he looked around, the world upside down with his vision spinning. Letting out a groan he'd try to wipe the thick liquid running down into his right eye. Looking at his fingers he'd mutter out a quiet swear as he'd now start looking for a means of getting out. Blinking blood out of his eye he'd power through the pain burning it's way through him. Taking a deep breath he'd unbuckle his seat belt only for it to be jammed shut.

    "Great..." Matthew muttered while he searched for a pocket knife.

    Cutting it near the buckle it helped his body slump out of the chair only for a hot feeling to start dripping from above and run down his torso. His eyes quickly shot up looking at his legs causing him to go pale. Doing his best he'd try and move his legs and feet to no avail. He'd spend several minutes looking and thinking of a way out only to give up. Reaching in the glove box he'd take his notebook out and scribble an entry into it. Closing his eyes he'd take a deep breath trying to calm himself.

    When he opened his eyes it was a bit darker, perhaps late afternoon. Did he fall asleep? Did he pass out? Matthew's eyelids and overall face felt extremely sticky as he was more than likely covered in his own blood. Letting out a shiver Matt looked around once more finding his pistol on the roof of the car. He'd try to reach for it only to find it just out of his grasp. He'd strain a few more times with no success.

    "Really should have learned to listen to people sooner..." Matthew groaned closing his eyes once more.

    Sleep called to him once more and who was he to deny it's demands? His body ached and leaked his precious liquids. Soon he'd succumb to the call, his mind going dark once more.

    Not long after he passed out for a second time a set of lights shone on the overturned mess along with the puttering hum of an old beat up vehicle. The person inside seeing the overturned truck stepped out and grinned.